National Cadet Corps (Our NCC)

The National Cadet Corps, also known as NCC, has a rich and proud history in the School. It was established in 1953 and has since then helped thousands of students secure prestigious ‘A’ certificates in the Junior Division. The school administration strongly encourages students to enroll in NCC as it instills valuable life skills and discipline in them.

One of the most notable achievements of NCC in the school was the establishment of the first-ever Pipe Band in Mizoram in the year 2000. The NCC Pipe Band has since then grown in popularity and has performed at numerous official state functions, much to the delight of the audience. In recognition of their outstanding performances, the NCC Pipe Band has been selected to perform at the Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi for a number of years since 2012.

Currently, our school is offering three wings under NCC for our students. Enroll in either NCC Army, NCC Air Wing or NCC Pipe Band and experience the pride and fulfillment of serving your country while learning useful skills that will come in handy in your future endeavors. Take the first step towards becoming a valuable citizen and a true patriot through NCC.

NCC News

20 Mizo Batallion NCC

Our school is truly fortunate to have the esteemed presence of Mr. Lalbiakzuala, who serves as Associate NCC Officer (ANO), the first NCC Chief Officer in Mizo. With his unwavering dedication to both teaching and his role as a leader within the National Cadet Corps (NCC), he stands as a shining example of commitment and excellence.

Mr. Lalbiakzuala is not just a teacher; he is a mentor, guide, and role model for all of us. His multifaceted role as an educator and an ANO signifies his passion for nurturing young minds, instilling discipline, and fostering leadership qualities among our students.

LALTHAKIMI ANO 20 Mizo Batallion NCC

NCC -Army Wing History

This NCC was started right after the Junior Division began in 1953, with two groups of boys – 35 Troop and 36 Troop.

Names of ANOs are:

  1. F/O Malsawma (1953) ANO and F/O Lalzara (1953) ANO
  2. Pu C. Lalhnuna (CTO)
  3. F/O R Rongenga (1972) ANO and F/O Thangsailova (1972) ANO
  4. Pu Lalhlimpuia (CTO)
  5. C/O Lalbiakzuala (since 2004 till today) ANO

In 1957 one troop Junior Wing Girls -12 Troop came into function.
Names of ANOs are :

  1. Pi Thanchhingi (1957) (CTO)
  2. F/O Lalmuankimi ANO
  3. F/O C Hmingliani (1985 – 2011) ANO
  4. S/O Lalthakimi (since 2012 till today) ANO

Ex-cadets who have got lifetime achievements were:

  1. Pu Hranthanga(L), Director(Rtd) Dte of School Edn.
  2. Pu Lalthangfala Sailo, Rsgister(Rtd) NEHU
  3. Dr. R Kapthuama,Director (rtd) Dte. of AH & Vety.
  4. Pu VL Rema Chief Engineer(Rtd) P & E
  5. Pu FLR Siama IPSD (Rtd),ex MLA
  6. Col VL Ruata (Rtd)
  7. Lt Col L Darkim(Rtd)
  8. Wing Commander Lalzawma (Rtd)

The School also have Pipe Band and they have attended the DGNCC Republic Day Camp and participated in Prime Minister Rallies since 2007 and their last appearance in RDC was in 2019. The school band won Runner up in National Inter School Band Competition 2023 organized by Min. of Defence and Ministry of Human Resource in New Delhi.

NCC -Air Wing

The Air Wing was officially established on May 23, 2011. At its inception, it was comprised of an equal number of boys and girls, with a total strength of 50 members from each gender. This marked a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to promoting gender equality and providing opportunities for both young boys and girls to participate in aviation-related activities and training.

Since its establishment, the Air Wing has been dedicated to fostering a passion for aviation among its members, offering them unique experiences and educational opportunities. Through a variety of activities, training sessions, and events, the Air Wing has worked to instill valuable skills and knowledge related to aviation, while also encouraging teamwork and leadership among its members.

Caretaker Officers are:

  1. Pu Lalkhawngaiha
  2. Nl Ramngaihawmi
  3. Pu Biju Nath Singh
  4. Nl Zodinpuii
  5. Pu C Lalliankhuma (present)


DG Commendation

Back in 2009, a young and ambitious Cadet by the name of H Lalnunmawia had made a name for himself in the National Cadet Corps (NCC) through his unparalleled work ethic and unwavering dedication to his duties. His service had been so exceptional that he was bestowed with an esteemed DG Commendation- an award of the highest calibre that recognizes individuals who exhibit remarkable aptitude and skill in their field.

Letter of Appreciation

In 2019 and 2021 male ANO, F/O Lalbiakzuala recieved letter of Appreciation from Commanding Officer, 20 Mizo Ind Coy NCC and Chief Minister of Mizoram for his dedication service in NCC.

Poster Making Competition

Cadet David Lalmalsawma won First Prize in Poster Making Competition and Cadet LV Lallawmawmi also won Second Prize.

Appreciation Letter

In 2013, the Headmaster received compliments and appreciation letter from Addl Director(B) NCC, Min. of Defence Maj Gen Rajiv Verma.

Best ANO of Mizoram

In 2023, S/O Lalthakimi and C/O Lalbiakzuala are awarded Best Female ANO of Mizoram and Best Male ANO of Mizoram by Addl Director General, NER Directorate.

G20 Celebration

On 8th Sept 2023, Cadet Malsawmdawngkima won First Prize in Quiz Competition organized for G20 Celebration, and Cadet Zohmingmawii won Second Prize.

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