Air wing

Students of Govt Mizo H/S enrolled in Air Wing


Miss Zodinpuii

In addition to her position as an Air Wing Caretaker Officer, Miss Zodinpuii is a highly respected English teacher who plays a vital role in fostering the academic progress and well-rounded development of our students. She serves as a prominent figure in our Cocurricular Activities (CCA) program and is recognized as a top-tier 'A' grade artist, lending her beautiful voice to enhance the ambiance of our school's various programs and events.
C.lalliankhuma Sience Teacher

C Lalliankhuma

C. Lalliankhuma, a prominent figure within our school community, serves as a dual role model and educator. He not only imparts knowledge in the field of science but also takes on the crucial responsibility of being the Air Wing Caretaker Officer, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of our students in multiple capacities.

About NCC Air Wing

The inception of the NCC Air Wing at Govt Mizo High School on August 9th, 2011, marked a significant milestone in the institution’s history. With an initial enrollment of 50 cadets in its inaugural year, the program swiftly expanded to accommodate another 50 students in the subsequent year. The nurturing and guidance of the dedicated caretaker officer have played a pivotal role in the development and management of this program.

For students aspiring to join the Air Wing or those who are already enrolled, it’s crucial to be aware that the school offers the opportunity to undertake Certificate A, B, and C examinations. These certificates hold immense value for individuals aspiring to join the Air Force, Army, Navy, and even the state police force. They serve as important benchmarks for evaluating a candidate’s suitability for a career in the armed forces and law enforcement.

Furthermore, the annual training camp, hosted at the state Training Centre in Tanhril, is a noteworthy endeavor supported by the 1st Mizo Air Squadron NCC. This camp encompasses a wide array of activities, including firing classes, flying classes, and various military training exercises. Such comprehensive training not only equips cadets with essential skills but also serves as a vital stepping stone for those pursuing a future in the Cadet Corps and the defense forces.

In essence, the establishment of the NCC Air Wing at Govt Mizo High School has not only broadened educational horizons but has also provided a platform for students to prepare for prestigious and honorable careers in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The tireless efforts of the caretaker officer and the opportunities offered by the school through certifications and training camps continue to shape the aspirations and ambitions of our students, making them better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in their pursuit of noble and patriotic professions.