Govt Mizo HS

Art Club

At Govt Mizo High School, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing the artistic talents of our students. We actively encourage students with a passion for art to dedicate themselves to honing their skills. Additionally, we provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents through participation in various painting competitions.

About our Art Club

Govt Mizo High School Art Club serves a crucial purpose in our academic institution. Apart from being a CCA activity, it is also a significant part of the school curriculum and the Art lesson and activities are carried out on every Friday afternoon.

The club is dedicated to finding highly gifted students who possess immense potential and helps nurture and develop them further to their fullest abilities. This determination and hard work of the club members have enabled us to establish strong partnerships with various departments of the Government, NGOs, SSA, etc. Our contributions have made a significant impact on various projects like Painting Competitions and maintaining waste to health craft works. Engaging in Art activities every day has allowed students to showcase their creativity, skills, and channel their innermost thoughts and emotions into their artwork. With practice, students learn to master their talents, ultimately leading to a confident and more well-rounded personality. The Art Club is indeed a unique opportunity that fosters personal growth, encourages teamwork, and inspires individual excellence.