The Government Mizo High School boasts a vibrant and dedicated community of environmentally conscious students who are deeply engaged in the school’s Eco Club. This club has become a cornerstone of the school’s commitment to fostering environmental awareness and action among its student body.



Engaged in Eco-Club

Within the Eco Club, students enthusiastically participate in a wide array of activities aimed at promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability. One of their primary initiatives involves conducting regular clean-up drives in various areas of the bustling and ever-expanding city. These cleanup efforts not only contribute to the city's overall cleanliness but also serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of responsible waste management.

The Government Mizo High School's Eco Club has not only fostered a sense of environmental responsibility among its members but has also made a tangible impact on the local ecosystem. Their dedication to cleanliness, waste reduction, and afforestation reflects a commitment to creating a more sustainable and harmonious urban environment for everyone. As they continue to expand their initiatives and inspire others, their impact on the community is sure to grow, setting a shining example of proactive environmental engagement for years to come.

Students combating increasing waste

The Eco Club members actively contribute to combating the mounting environmental challenges facing their urban environment. With a strong focus on addressing the issue of increasing waste within the city, they organize campaigns to raise awareness about recycling, waste reduction, and responsible disposal methods. Through educational workshops and public awareness campaigns, they inspire both their peers and the wider community to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Another face of Eco-Club

Planting trees is another significant facet of the Eco Club's efforts. Recognizing the vital role that trees play in mitigating pollution and improving air quality, these dedicated students work tirelessly to green their cityscape. They organize tree-planting events in collaboration with local authorities and environmental organizations, transforming barren areas into lush, green havens that benefit both the environment and the city's residents.