The Govt Mizo High School

located in a prime area of the city, yet it benefits from its hilltop location, providing a sense of seclusion from the typical urban hustle and bustle


Govt Mizo High School

Government Mizo High School is a school with a remarkable history that dates back to 1944 when it became the first high school ever established in the Mizoram region. Prior to its existence, only select merit-based students were granted government scholarships to continue their schooling outside of Mizoram. As demand for a high school grew, a group of Welsh Missionaries, as well as locally educated Mizos, persistently fought for its establishment. Finally, in 1943, Mr A. MacDonald ICS, who at the time was the Superintendent of the Lushai hills, provided the green light for the project. In February 1944, Mizo High School officially opened its doors to 56 eager students in class VIII at the Young Lushai Association (YLA) hall in Mission Veng. The name "Mizo High School" was unanimously chosen, representing all the Mizo students who had longed for the opportunity to continue their education on home soil.


The MacDonald Hill High School has a rich history that dates back to 1945, when the school shifted to its present location. The area at that time was a sprawling tea estate owned by the First Battalion, Assam Rifles. It was during this period that Mr. A MacDonald, a visionary philanthropist, purchased the whole land that was as big as 80 bighas for the sole purpose of setting up the high school.

Thanks to Mr. MacDonald's generous contribution towards the development of the school and education in general, the institution has grown into what it is today. The location of the school was aptly named MacDonald Hill, in recognition of the great benefactor who made it all possible.

This legacy lives on as generations of students continue to learn, grow, and thrive at MacDonald Hill High School, inspired by the vision and generosity of the man who made it all possible.


The school is situated in the heart of Aizawl city, making it easily accessible by transportation or by walking. It is located on a hill, providing a peaceful environment away from the city's hustle and bustle. The campus features a spacious and well-ventilated three-story RCC building in the shape of an L, with several classrooms including one equipped with smart technology. The original Assam-style school building still stands today and serves as the library, science labs, art room, WE room, NCC store, and office room.

There is a large school hall that houses three badminton courts, which can also be used for other games. Additionally, the school takes pride in its expansive and renowned playground known as 'High Field.' In the morning, more than 700 students gather on the campus grounds for the Morning Assembly.

Govt Mizo High School Building

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