CIRCULAR NO.1 OF 2024-2025

This is an information and compliance of all concerned that as per School Education Department, Govt. of Mizoram Notification No.B.11014/1/2012-EDN/Pt of 19.12.2023. Academic Session 2024-25 will be started on 5th April, 2024. All Teaching & Non Staff and Students admitted for Class IX & X of Govt. Mizo High School, Aizawl will come to school on this day as follows:-

  1. First Bell will be rung at 9:15 AM.
  2. Teacher and Staff will come with proper Dress.
  3. Students will come with Full Uniform (kamis), Bag and Note Book.
  4. At 9:15 AM Student will line up at School Courtyard.
  5. There will be no usual class on this day. It will be used for preparation and giving general instructions.
  6. School Society room will open for uniforms, etc.
  7. Students who do not wear full uniform have to report to their Class Teachers.
  8. All students are informed to get ready and report Contact No. to class teacher for creating Class/ Section WhatsApp Group and also to enroll at any one of the following activities:
    (a) NCC Army
    (b) NCC Air Wing
    (c) Student Police Cadet
    (d) Kristian Beihram Pawl
    (e) Cultural Club
    (f) Eco Club
    (g) Energy Club
    (h) Tourism Club
    (i) School Choir
    (j) Football- Boys & Girls
    (k) Volleyball Boys & Girls
    (l) Basketball Boys & Girls
    (m) Badminton Boys & Girls
    (n) Table Tennis Boys & Girls
    (o) Athletics.


Govt. Mizo High School
Aizawl : Mizoram